Special needs products for adults and children


The “JACO” robotic arm is assisting people with limited or no upper limb mobility to achieve what was once impossible.

OBI eating device
OBI dining robot

OBI – The first dining robot of it’s kind. OBI increases independence, social interaction and effective food delivery like never before!

Kids Mobility Wheelchair

Wizzybug is a child’s first step

Wizzybug is a fun and innovative powered wheelchair designed specifically for children under six.

Assystmouse software controls the mouser cursor with head movements using a standard webcam. No need to wear any equipment or markers. . Increases the autonomy of people living with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, ALS, muscular dystrophy and stroke. 30 day free trial available.

Model Ci2

Impressive power, smart technology, and superior handling.

Portable, Convenient, Powerful and Smart, the Model C2 allows you to live the life you aspire to.

Unique, assistive products 

As a charity we are able to develop products which wouldn’t normally be commercially viable.  Our products are designed and manufactured by our design engineers with the help of our dedicated volunteers.  

Neater Eater Robotic V6

The Neater Eater Robotic V6 

The V6 can be used by anyone who can chew and swallow, allowing for greater independence, dignity and choice when it comes to meal times.

Its portable design makes it suitable to take out to restaurants and family meals.

Multiple program options to suit users needs with the option of tablet app touch screen operation or switch interface.