Dining with Dignity

The two dining robots featured here offer different approaches to the task of eating for those with upper-body limitations. The Neater Eater V6 is a proven and versatile device. The OBI is stylish and simple to set up and use. Both of these high tech AT devices can enable a more independent and dignified dining experience.

The Manual Neater Eater is another option for those with more arm and hand function.

Better Ways to Dine!

Neater Eater Robotic V6 

The Neater V6 from Neater Solutions in the UK is a very versatile and functional eating robot. Multiple program options to suit users’ needs with the option of tablet app touch screen operation or switch interface. It features a removable touchscreen controller with on-screen help and video guides. The V6 Robot Arm has a wide range of movement to reach the user’s mouth and also offers a choice of cutlery and turntable plates.

While the Neater Robotic V6 is not quite as sleek and stylish as the OBI it is more versatile and has more options to customize the user’s experience. This makes it an excellent choice for adults.

Neater V6 Features:

  • Removeable touch screen with on screen help guide
  • Wide range of movements to reach users mouth
  • Automatic spoon wiping and plate turning
  • Choice of plug-in cutlery
  • Choice of turntable plates
  • Carrying bag

Neater Eater Manual 

Users need more arm and hand function than with the robotic devices. Manually controlled Neater Eaters have modular options tailored to individual needs; from people with weak arms to those with a strong tremor.


  • Adjustable fluid damping to enable unit to adapt from strong tremors to very weak users
  • Forward and back stops can be enabled as standard
  • Spoon self levelling mechanism has mouth level raising function
  • Easy access adjustments for spoon height and speed

OBI dining Robot

OBI is sleek and easy to use. The setup process is fast and user-friendly. Obi allows the caregiver to quickly position the device for optimal use, and tailor the food delivery location for each diner. 

After the delivery location is set, the diner controls their experience through the use of two accessibility switches – one to select the food, and one to deliver the food. This simplicity makes it ideal for children in a home or school setting.


OBI Features:

  • Customized delivery position
  • Effective food capture
  • Simple switch operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sleek attractive design